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Hi, I’m Mackenzie, welcome to my site! I’m a [millennial] marketing professional residing in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I believe that thoughtfully tailored social media strategies and creative ideas that are unique-to-your brand or business are the driving way to build a successful online presence that results in real return on investment.

Is traditional marketing not working for your business? More and more consumers are missing old school advertisements all together. Go digital and let’s plan a social media campaign that has some real impact. Gain meaningful engagement with your audience rather than a :05 and “skip ad.” If you want to gain more exposure, more impressions, and greater reach per dollar, let’s collaborate on a killer digital marketing campaign, carefully crafted for your particular industry.

Click around to learn more about me through my past work, services I offer, and read my blog. Blog posts 3 times a week on topics including but not limited to digital marketing, small business marketing, social media, professional development, and more. Might see a post or two about fashion, reality tv, or a growing pain of growing up, because well I am a 20-something year old girl after all.