5 Social Media Mistakes Your Business May Be Making

5 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Make

It is no secret that social media is an extremely important aspect of any businesses’ – big or small – marketing plan. In fact, over 50 million small businesses are using Facebook profiles to reach their customers (statistic via Facebook). Hopefully you are one of those 50 million – and if not, I can help change that. Here are the top 5 mistakes I tell any business person to avoid when implementing any social media plan.

The Top 5 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Are Making

  1. “Hiring” a son/daughter/niece/young person with no formal experience to do it

Just because they are young and actively use social media, does not mean they can use it effectively to promote your business. Brand awareness and authenticity are key.

2.    Thinking it is easy.

Social media marketing is a strategic skill that requires expertise, knowledge, and patience to adequately portray the message of your brand.

3.  Thinking quantity outweighs quality in terms of followers!

It’s not always all in the numbers! 100 engaged and loyal followers is a million times more effective (and profitable) than 1,000 unengaged, random followers who do not interact with the message you are sending or respond to what you or your business are producing.

4.   Not having a strategy. 

If you are hap-hazardously posting with no clear objective, your audience will pick up on it and it won’t help further the success of your business.

5. Not interacting back with your followers.

When a follower asks a question or comments on your post: answer the question or acknowledge the statement. It’s simply good manners!

Avoid making these errors and see your current efforts improve. Many business owners are too busy or do not have the resources to plan, create, and execute a strategy that will bring increased engagement online and increased new and return customers. Contact me to talk social media strategy and learn it may be a lot more affordable and effective than you think.



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