3 Easy Ways to Show Clients You Care

3 Easy Ways To Show Your Clients You Care

Any businessperson whose job is dependent upon clients knows how important it is to maintain good relationships with them. Any good businessperson also knows that is much easier said than done, although we’re here to talk about quick easy ways to maintain (and even forge) awesome client relationships. Showing your clients “some love” may be easier than you think.


  1. Sending Cards

For once, we’re not talking about business cards, but something a little more personal. It takes about 5 minutes to send a card and in this modern digital age we live in, old-fashioned snail mail can actually be quite memorable. A hand written thank you card after a meeting can seal the deal for someone and it makes you stand out among competition (who are sending those two sentence generic emails). Other fun ways to keep your client on your good side is to find out their birthday and send a card and perhaps, a simple gift. This small gesture makes a big impact. Clients are also always a good person to include on your holiday card list.



  1. Randomly Bring Donuts, Coffee, Bagels, etc. to their office

Even if you only directly work with one person at a company, this is a great way to show support to their entire company. This in turn will make them feel so appreciated and cared about – which I think we can all agree is something most clients desire, whether they say so or not. Be sure to call ahead, you do not want to show up and interrupt anything important. Just say, “Hey I’ve been thinking about you and your company and wanted to bring by a little something to show our appreciation.” This takes just a little bit of time and sets you apart for going out of your way.



  1. Go to their Events

This should be a no-brainer, but I cannot talk about how many times I have heard a client say they had partners or people they work with not come to an event they hosted. Try to show up and be available for your client when they host an event. Be polite, courteous, and even offer to help in any way. The support will definitely not go unnoticed and it could lead to increased relations between you and your client.



We hope these tips are helpful and you try them out! Let us know any suggestions you may use to keep smooth and strong relationships in your business.



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