Is 280 Too Much?

If you haven’t heard by now, Twitter just announced that they are doubling their character limit. Upping from 140 characters to 280, users will now have more space to say everything they need to say. While we have all felt the #struggle of squeezing everything into just 140, many are wondering is 280 too much? Users took to the app to complain about how they may not want to read that much content.

twitter character increase

Twitter notes that the character limit is not a problem for everyone. In fact in the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages, you are able to share about double the information as you would be if you were writing it in English. Therefore they are rolling out the 280-character limit to a small group of users right now. They maintained their stance on wanting to keep things brief and assure users that is “something that will never change.” [information/data from Twitter].


Whether you are apart of the test group or not (and if you are on board for longer tweets yet), I thought I would share some ways to use this to your brand’s advantage:


Share excerpts of your blog posts to entice people to read them

In the past, you could pretty much just share the title and hope it would pique interest. Now, you could share a quote or snippet that may be more engaging.


Be more detailed

Many brands begin to shy away from twitter or shift their attention to other platforms because they simply did not have enough room to make their point. Now you can share more information and details that set you apart from competitors.


Provide helpful solutions

Remember when teachers would say, “please ask questions, chances are someone else has the same one.” Well, Twitter is kind of the same way. With the increase instead of having to take things to direct message, you can now share solutions to problems or answers to questions and everyone can publically see it.


It is always intimidating and can even be frustrating when a platform adds a new feature or update, but remember there are usually benefits to be had from it. Remember when Instagram stories first launched and now they are huge! Just be open to the possibility and find ways to make it work for you.


What side of the fence do you fall on with the upped character limit? Do you have any ideas on how to use the extra characters? Let me know in the comments!


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