Social Media Resolutions for Small Businesses 2018

According to, more than 40 million small businesses are using Pages on Facebook. Did you know that over one billion people visit these pages each month? Numbers don’t lie; social media is an essential tool to marketing your business in today’s world. If you have been putting social media on the back burner for your small business, 2018 is the perfect time to resolve to use this tool to reach more customers, clients, and increase revenue. Here are 3 resolutions to use this resource that you quite literally have at your fingertips.


  1. Determine Your Brand and Message

While it is easy to create a page and post a photo or blurb about your company from time to time, that is not effective. Take time early in the year to really identify your brand. Who are you? What do you do? What do you want to communicate to the public about yourself? Narrow in those answers and from there, create a strategy that reflects that. Your personal social media accounts (and website) are the one channel you have complete control over. Make sure you are getting the most out of it by communicating exactly how you want the public to perceive you.

  1. Invest in It

Social media campaigns don’t work if you don’t. you are going to have to make some sort of investment into this marketing tactic for it to be successful. Whether that looks like a time investment for your company or a financial one can depend. Spend some time in the beginning of this year planning content, writing down ideas, and mapping out how to execute them. This will likely be time consuming and you may need to spend some cash. You may need to hire a photographer or a social media manager or consultant to make this vision a reality.

  1. Commit to Consistency

Consistency is probably the number one word you will hear social media managers and consultants tell you when they are giving advice on this topic. This is because it is important. Commit to a manageable posting schedule, but also make sure you stick to it. Maybe start small, 3 times a week and build up from there. At first, your engagement may be low and it could be easy to get discouraged. Stay with it, your followers will notice consistency and even begin to look forward to seeing what you share. Stay committed and be patient.


Resolve to use this tool that is right in front of you and watch your company and brand awareness grow this year! If you have any other specific questions, ideas, or comments, please share below!


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