8 Ways to Increase Productivity in 2018

Whether it actually gets a place on your 2018 goals or resolutions list or if it just a constant thought in the back of your mind, most people want to be more productive in a new year. Going along with that, I truly feel each year ends up getting busier and busier. Being that I work from home part time and juggle multiple jobs and freelance gigs at a time, staying on top of things and making the most of my time is imperative. Here are my 8 (some I am already doing and others I want to try) ways to stay productive in 2018!


  1. Physical planner/Agenda

After graduating college for some reason, I thought I did not need one of these. Boy, was I wrong. It is so hard to remember meetings, deadlines, and other commitments without writing them down. Having everything in one place will make sure you know what is going on and when, which will hopefully keep you on track.

  1. Asana

The Asana software was something I was introduced to through one of my jobs. I think the intended use is to make collaboration among team members easier, but I find using it personally as a way to keep myself accountable. I make “tasks” and set deadlines for myself. Asana sends you emails and reminders so you never forget about anything. Plus you can “cross” things off a to-do list, which is really rewarding.

3. Airplane Mode

This is one of those obvious tips, but also so effective. I find that when I turn my phone on airplane mode/put it in another room/etc., I am free of distractions and can completely focus on the task at hand. This leads me to get things done much faster and more accurately.

4. Cube Timer

A blogger I follow actually first introduced me to this timer and the minute I heard about it, I knew I needed it. It’s such a simple concept, but for someone who is disciplined and relies on structure it works wonders. You could even imitate it by just setting a timer on your phone. Select a task that needs to be done, estimate a time that you can complete it in, and challenge yourself to finish it!

5. Apple Watch

I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and wasn’t really sure exactly what it did, but there are so may cool features and ways to keep me productive. The health app surprisingly is contributing to my productivity. From tracking my sleep to taking a minute to breathe, I feel more clear minded and that translates into productivity for me. You can also program it with your calendar to keep track of events, appointments, and meetings.


What I want to try:

6. Make a standing to-do list

There are certain task I need to do each day, week, and month that never (rarely) change. I would like to take a couple hours to map out those tasks and make a list (and probably program it in Asana) for each of these different time periods so I can always refer back to it and never let anything sneak up on me or accidentally overlook something.

7. Read The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Feriss

I have heard great things about this book and the title alone is enticing enough. I am dying to read this book! Although I seriously doubt I can consolidate everySide HustleFacts & Figures-2thing into 4 hours, I am sure there are some amazing tips that can only help me prioritize and increase productivity.

8. A No-TV or No-social media week

Let’s face it, life will go on without knowing what happened on Real Housewives or seeing a funny meme on instagram. Yes, I love those things as much as the next girl but scrolling social or tuning into TV are serious “time suckers.” I want to try going dark for a week (preferably during a housewives hiatus 😉 haha and forcing myself to use that time to work and see how much more productive I can be.




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