Side Hustle Series Part 2: Why Everyone Should Have One

The whole “side hustle” world is completely and utterly fascinating to me, so even though this is only blog #2 I can already tell I’m going to love writing in this series. As I mentioned last week, more than 44 million Americans have a side hustle and those aged 18-26 are the people most likely to have one. I actually juggle a few different side hustles, from freelance work to contract work to even babysitting (hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!), I am personally well versed in this arena. Despite the funky hours (read late nights and cramming everything into one day) and having to stay extremely organized, I think EVERYONE should have a side hustle. Today I am going to delve into some reasons why.

  1. Professional Development

Whether you are dog walking or doing contract work for your dream company, there is something that can be taken away from any job. These lessons, experiences, and scenarios prepare you for a wide variety of situations and therefore help you continue to develop professionally. These skills can then be taken and transferred to any role you find yourself in in the future. That alone, if you ask me, makes having a side gig worth it.

  1. Passion Pursuit

Chances are you are not working in your dream job. Perhaps you are fresh out of school with little to no experience, you may have just accepted a job that pays the bills right now. Pssst, that’s totally okay! Acquiring a side hustle can be a great way to actually pursue your passions, while still earning an income that supports you through your day job. You will find yourself motivated and determined to succeed in your side hustle because it is allowing you to actually pursue and execute your passions, therefore you’re automatically more invested and committed.

  1. Sets You Apart

While 44 million Americans seems like a lot, only 28% of millennials (people ages 18-26) are actually working independently on the side right now. This makes you different than 72% of everyone else, which can really be a benefit in the competitive nature of the job hunt. Potential employers will likely be impressed by your drive and initiative to work extra and independently. Plus, the projects you work on can be great things to add to your resume or portfolio. Talk about a win-win.

  1. Extra money

This last reason is kind of the obvious one. A side gig can be an easy way to make fast or additional funds that you’re primary job is not providing. Side hustle cash can be used for general spending and savings or to pay for an upcoming trip or large ticket item you have been wanting for a while. This can also be a great way to slowly save up and be financially stable enough to transform your side job into a full-time role.

Clearly I am all aboard the Side Hustle Express! Are you in or out? Have questions or opinions on this rising trend, share below in the comments or send me an email!


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