freelancer | iced coffee drinker| reality TV fiend

Since graduating college, I have worked with various businesses in some creative and or marketing-related capacity. While I am still working with some of those businesses, I have launched this site to begin building my own personal brand and expand my professional network  to include new people and projects.  I’m ready to share my millennial musings with the world, while hopefully expanding some engagement and growing some small businesses near and far!

I’m currently looking to connect with potential clients (from all over – thanks to #technology, we no longer are limited by geographic restraints) to contract work on different marketing, branding, communications, social media, event planning, or virtually any other creative project you (or we) can think of. Whether you need a little or a lot, I’m your girl and I’m here to make your life easier (and more profitable).

A little bit about me personally: I’m into the things most 20-something girls are. Fashion, humor, reality TV, working in my pajamas, and fun. You can often find me working on some project or another, grabbing margaritas with friends, struggling my way through a 7 a.m. run, or petting the nearest Golden Retriever – all while Britney Spears plays in the background.


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