Will Social Media Kill Your Job Hunt?

It is that time in my life where I’m starting to look for jobs. While in 2016, this should be easier than ever (read: resources at our fingertips, literally), we are also faced with some hard challenges. For me, someone who is hoping to go into social media, the main challenge is do I proudly … Continue reading Will Social Media Kill Your Job Hunt?


Meeting Managing Editor Candace Higginbotham

On Thursday September 18, 2014, Southern Living’s managing editor Candace Higginbotham visited the University of Alabama, specifically Jamie Cole’s Journalism 426 Advanced Journalism Design Class. She spoke about her career, day to day life as a managing editor, and the production cycle.   Candace Higginbotham first began this visit with a brief introduction of herself, … Continue reading Meeting Managing Editor Candace Higginbotham